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The premier provider of valet services in Columbus, OH since 2006

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Above and Beyond

Boasting 99% client retention since inception, we deliver on the promise to provide you with a valet service that truly enhances your FOH.

With over 40 years of combined experience providing valet services in Columbus OH,  Citrin goes above and beyond when it comes to ensuring you received the best people, oversight, and reliability. Each parking program is tailored specifically to the needs, expectations, & culture of your venue to create a seamless experience for your guests. As the first and last impression, we ensure a consistent quality experience expected from your establishment. We root ourselves in your values and mission (sometimes we even join your training sessions), making it nearly impossible for guests to notice your parking company is outsourced.

Our Team

 Friendly, assertive, and professional. Our recruiters review hundreds of applications a week to ensure every individual we employ is nothing short of a true professional and consistently provides the highest level of service to your guests.


 Accountability. We deploy both on-site shift leaders and multi-site team leaders to personally check in with every location daily to ensure our team is both supported and held highly accountable for maintaining our standards. Developed through our internal Citrin Leadership Platform, 100% of our management team has been promoted internally. 





 We implement technology solutions to harness seamless transitions, capture time, attendance, and reporting in real-time. This level of transparency and 360-degree reporting ensures over 99% of revenue is collected, operating budgets are managed closely, & service levels are maintained at all times. The result? An all-around efficient workflow that not only improves our client’s bottom line but ensures that our leadership team can quickly identify & resolve any service or personnel issues before they cause a negative impact. 



We take safety seriously and assume full responsibility for every vehicle and all of our team members are covered under our policy. We average only 3 incidents for every 100,000 vehicles parked.


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Batman & Robin. Peanut Butter & Jelly. Hospitality & Parking.

Some things were just meant to go together.

About Citrin

Citrin is an automotive valet, porter, and employee management leader that offers operational stability through innovative hiring, training, & more that feel in-house by aligning to your philosophies and mission.


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We offer jobs starting at market competitive rates with opportunities for advancement and bonuses.  All while being respected, heard, valued and supported.