Never Stop Evolving.

We’re a humans-first company. Whether for our team members, clients, or their customers, being welcoming, friendly, and sincere never goes out of style.


Continually innovating through our process, technology, and offerings. Never stop learning, growing, and improving.


Ever-focused on being responsive, accountable, and supportive to both employees and customers.


Our offerings are tailored to each client and industry, while still leaning on our principles and tested process.


Using a process to align on a specific mission with a pre-determined objective, path, and outcome.

Each Day Is History

Citrin is a new name for an established company with a substantial history and unparalleled culture. Citrin was founded in 2006 by a then OSU undergrad with $250 and a dream to create world-class service & culture that truly puts our team first. 15+ years and 150 clients across the nation later, the company is flourishing due to its strong mission and values.
While we pride ourselves on approaching situations objectively and being solutions-oriented, we never want to lose the humanistic emotional connection we have to our clients and team members. And although we expect and strive for continual company growth, the small company feel we’ve built makes our culture thrive.

Our clients are our bread and butter and trusted partners, but our team members are what makes the company go ‘round.

Our team is the key to our business. Ready for your new gig?

Citrin is changing the landscape for dealership porter services.

Let Citrin set the stage for an unparalleled customer experience that is second to none.

About Citrin

Citrin is an automotive valet, porter, and employee management leader that offers operational stability through innovative hiring, training, & more that feel in-house by aligning to your philosophies and mission.


Corporate Office
6500 Emerald Pkwy Suite 385
Dublin, OH 43016

Now Hiring!

We offer jobs starting at market competitive rates with opportunities for advancement and bonuses.  All while being respected, heard, valued and supported.