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Cool cars, high-class clientele, and a massive opportunity to learn best-in-class hospitality.

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Citrin is a valet and hospitality management company that thrives on ensuring an exceptional experience for both our team and our clients. Citrin was founded by an OSU alum in 2006 while still in college—so we understand how important a social life (and school) can be. Which is why we offer flexible schedules and a fun work environment. We’re 100% dedicated to proving the best possible job opportunities, period.



Rewind Your Grind.

Partnering with restaurants, luxury hotels, auto dealerships, and more, we root ourselves in the culture of each client which creates an authentic and seamless experience for their customers. We’re able to deliver the safest service and best hospitality model to our clients and their guests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With access to innovative labor-management technology, we achieve consistent results and establish clearly defined expectations for everyone involved.

We offer jobs with industry-leading pay as well as opportunities for advancement and bonuses. Our current team members can vouch for the fact that they’ve gained invaluable customer service experience, mentorship, friendship, career growth opportunities, recommendations for future jobs as well as access to meeting higher clientele. All while being respected, heard, valued, and supported.

Role Call.

Whether a valet attendant parking guest cars at restaurants and luxury hotels or a service valet providing a smooth exchange of vehicles at a dealership, all roles will provide an unmatched level of client service.

It’s All About the Perks.

  • A team-first environment focused on career growth, leadership opportunities, and mentorship
  • Emphasis on keeping schedules flexible so our team can focus on pursuing their passions
  • Get paid every Friday!
  • Co-workers that are not only fun but highly motivated
  • Nearly unlimited opportunities for advancement
  • A perfect environment to strengthen and perfect networking and client service skills
  • Continual opportunity for referral bonuses and raises

What Our Team Says

“Citrin has been a fun and exciting company to work with. I would recommend this job to a friend because there are always growth opportunities within the company. Whether it be for the individual to benefit themselves for a later opportunity, to team lead and management roles.”

James Tuttle
Germain Honda – Automotive Valet,
Been with Citrin since December 2015

“Citrin employees from top to bottom treat everyone with the utmost respect.  Our founder, Joel, truly cares about everyones concerns, and it shows with the open lines of communication from the valet runner all the way up the chain of command.”

Calvin Saunders
Been with Citrin since March 2017

“I love the company perks, pizza parties, and cool gift cards! I like that I’m a part of a team of coworkers and managers that I enjoy!”

Ryan Hogan
Been with Citrin since May 2017

“I never thought a job I found on Craigslist would have such a lasting impact. Two years later I’m still building great relationships in a company that really cares about me.”

Jordan Ward
Restaurant Shift Lead/Greeter,
Been with Citrin since January 2016

“I started as a valet then decided overnights worked really well with my school schedule. I did that for a while and then switched to days to become a shift lead. Now I’m currently working even harder to keep on moving up and growing with the company.”

James Otto
Shift lead,
Been with Citrin since 2015

“One of the things that has kept me working here for so long is the amazing support I feel from the management team. Whenever I’ve had an issue with hours, scheduling, personal issues, or whenever I have feedback someone has been there to listen and go out of their way to help me out.”

Alyssa Reed
Account Manager,
Been with Citrin since Sept 2014

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About Citrin

Citrin is an automotive valet, porter, and employee management leader that offers operational stability through innovative hiring, training, & more that feel in-house by aligning to your philosophies and mission.


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6500 Emerald Pkwy Suite 385
Dublin, OH 43016

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We offer jobs starting at market competitive rates with opportunities for advancement and bonuses.  All while being respected, heard, valued and supported.