Parking Garage / Surface Lot Management

Up, down, outside and underground.


Citrin offers comprehensive parking management solutions that leverage technology, rate optimization, creative marketing, aggressive cost management, and world-class customer service to increase ROI for every property we manage.

Our technology allows us to reduce your costs by automating nearly all workflows. You’ll have a dashboard automatically updated with data about your facility—schedules, cashier reports, customer feedback, upcoming events, revenue reporting, utilization data, profit analysis, and much more.

With a robust system like ours, you’ll never have to wait for an invoice. Just log in and view all of your garage information and reports, even workflow and approvals. We want your job to be easy, so it’s our responsibility to ensure that business procedures and controls are in place at every level.

Trust us, your accounting is about to get easier.



Our Parking Management Services Include:

    • Complimentary initial consultation
    • Professional facility manager
    • Facility automation
    • Facility maintenance
    • Strict revenue control (we average 99% collection)
    • Continuous analysis and process improvement
    • Transparent accounting and reporting
    • Automation
    • Efficient staffing
    • Technology implementation and support (kiosks, online bill pay, etc.)

Our team is the key to our business. Ready for your new gig?

About Citrin

Citrin is an automotive valet, porter, and employee management leader that offers operational stability through innovative hiring, training, & more that feel in-house by aligning to your philosophies and mission.


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