Service Wash Attendants

Whether a loaner vehicle or a vehicle receiving service, we know how important cleanliness is to your CSI.

A solid wash to remove all dust and dirt is not only a reflection of your team, but your business.

For most dealerships, it’s hard to manage quality customer interactions, proper and quick service, and the details of each transaction. This is especially true with an influx of vehicles beyond the average. Our team ensures that each vehicle in your fleet and each customer vehicle leaves the drive in pristine condition.

Avoid costly service delays and poor surveys due to an inefficient service wash program.

Our comprehensive service wash program includes:

    • Implementation of a custom program based on years of experience and criteria set by your or the manufacturer
    • Tailored training program that includes chemical handling and use
    • Attendant certification through our training program
    • Cross-trained attendants work as a team to help maximize output during peak times
    • Multiple levels of quality control
    • Seasonal staffing increase/reduction
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