Courtesy Shuttle

We’re more than just “shuttle drivers.”


Our team provides a luxury-level experience so your guests don’t feel like they’re being carted around town in a city bus

All of our drivers are accustomed to high-class clientele. From personal hygiene to excellent communication (or very little if the guest would like some peace and quiet), our drivers understand what it means to put the guest first. Any vehicle being used as a shuttle will be thoroughly cleaned before it leaves and a pre-shift inspection is guaranteed. Our drivers rank safety as important as guest experience, so you’ll never find them texting while driving or speeding. They operate on a strict schedule and value punctuality.


Our Drivers:

    • Open every door and carry each bag for guests
    • Adjust temperature and gauge the amount of conversation a guest would like
    • Keep an organized and punctual schedule
    • Put safety first at all times
    • Anticipate the needs of your guests

Our team is the key to our business. Ready for your new gig?

About Citrin

Citrin is an automotive valet, porter, and employee management leader that offers operational stability through innovative hiring, training, & more that feel in-house by aligning to your philosophies and mission.


Corporate Office
Direct: (614) 362-9357
56 E. Long Street 
Columbus, OH 43215

Now Hiring!

We offer jobs starting at market competitive rates with opportunities for advancement and bonuses.  All while being respected, heard, valued and supported.